Save Money On Food & Drink

Save Money On Food & Drink

Food and drink are one of my favourite areas to save money on. From eating out for free to slashing the cost of the weekly shop I have hugely reduced my spending in this area in recent years and hope that you are also able to do so using these top tips.

How To Save Save Money On Food and Drink

When it comes to writing about saving money on food, I like to cover all areas. From cheap recipes to frugal food hacks. This page provides quick links to all my food-related content without the need to search through individual categories.

Looking for recipes? Take a look at my thrifty recipes page.

Saving Money On Groceries

Reduce The Cost of your Weekly Shop

How To Cut Your Food Budget In Half

Start Meal Planning and Save Money

14 Ways To Save Money On The Weekly Shop

How to beat rising food costs

How To Spend Less On Groceries

My £50 food budget one year on

17 ways to save on groceries in 2017

18 ways to save on groceries in 2108

Food Budget update 2018

Using Freeze-Dried Ingredients to Save Money

Family Food Savings

A round-up of Super Thrifty Lunch Box Ideas

Where to get cheap sweets for a DIY Sweet Table

DIY Harry Potter Sweet Table

Where to Find Cheap Halloween Sweets

How to Bulk up meals for growing families 

How To Save Money On Feeding The Family

Frugal Food Hacks

Is It Really Cheaper To Make Your Own Butter?

Save Money by Bulk Buying Vegetables

How to get your daily coffee fix for FREE

Save Money On Groceries: 40 Frugal Food Hacks

Food Intolerance & Special Diets

Slimming World – How to save on the top Slimming World Foods

Saving on Groceries when you have a food intolerance

Saving on Groceries when you are Vegan

Reducing Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste – Eat Kitchen Scraps

40 Awesome Food Waste Solutions

How To Test Eggs For Freshness

How to Avoid Pumpkin Waste at Halloween

How to Rescue Over-Cooked Food

Freeze Dried Foods for Reducing Food Waste

Can You Eat Out of Date Chocolate? 

How To Make The Most of Your Freezer Space

How To Cook The Right Amount of Food

What To Do With Stale Bread – 9 Awesome Ideas

Is It Okay To Eat Potatoes That Have Sprouted?

How To Test Eggs For Freshness

How To Freeze Mint Leaves

Supermarket Savings

How I Write My Weekly Shopping List and Save Money

How I Find Cheap Food Every Week

How to Save Money on an online groceries shop

6 Reasons Co-op is my favourite Supermarket

How to save when shopping at Sainsbury’s

Love Posh Nosh? – Save money when shopping at Waitrose and M&S

Where to Find FarmFoods Money Off Vouchers

Nectar Double Up 2020

Supermarket Savings: Lidl

Could you save even more at Lidl & Aldi?

Where to Find Lidl’s Weekend Deals and Offers

How To Find Lidl Money Off Vouchers

My Love-Hate Relationship With Lidl

Save Money at Lidl Bridgwater

Lidl Vs Aldi – Which is better? 

Buying Yellow Sticker Food / Reduced Food

Ultimate Guide To Buying Yellow Sticker Food

Combining Yellow Stickers and Apps For Thrifty Meals

The Best Time of Day for Yellow Sticker Bargains

10 Misconceptions about buying Yellow Sticker Food

The Big Christmas Eve Reduced Shop

Reduced Food and why you should be buying it

The Difference Between Best Before and Use By

10 Things To Do With A Reduced Food Haul

Does Reduced Food Go Off Quicker?

How I Save Money On My Favourite Treats

The Best Items To Buy Yellow Stickered

M&S Yellow Sticker Christmas Food Haul

Morrisons Early Morning Yellow Sticker Reductions (70% off at 9am!)

Cashback Apps, Coupons and Vouchers

Coupon Shop: 12 Boxes of Cereal for £4.80+ Free Bananas

How to be a Crazy Coupon Lady (or man!)

These apps could save you £100s on your food shop each year

How to do a targeted Coupon Shop

Junk mail: Could you be throwing away free cash? 

Shopmium App Review

Checkoutsmart App Review

GreenJinn App Review

Where to find Supermarket Coupons

The Best Free Food Apps

Sainsbury’s Vouchers & Coupons

Couponing My Christmas Food Shop

5 Tips For Using Coupons On The Weekly Shop

How To Eat For Free

How to Eat For Free #1 – Coupons and Apps

How to Eat For Free #2 – Free Samples

How to Eat For Free #3 – Mystery Dining

Foraging In Autumn

Saving Money On Takeaways & Eating Out

The ultimate guide to getting Domino’s for less

How to make Dominos Cookies (and Pizza Hut Cookie dough) at home

Takeaway leftovers – Are they safe to eat the next day?

How To Limit Food Waste When Eating Out

Mystery Dining

Saving Money On Food At Christmas

How To Save Money On Food At Christmas

Cheap Cheeseboard Ideas (Starting at £2.28!)

Earn M&S Vouchers in time for Christmas

How to Save on Booze This Chrismas

How I Made This Christmas Hamper for £3

How to Save on The Big Christmas Food Shop

The Big Christmas Eve Reduced Shop

Time Saving Hacks for Christmas Dinner

40+ Recipes For Christmas Leftovers 

How To Get Free Food For Christmas

Frugal Christmas Food Ideas

Cheap Christmas Buffet Ideas

Miscellaneous Food Posts

5 Reasons To Have A Cheese Wedding Cake

7 Cheap Alternatives To A Wedding Breakfast

14 Ways of Upcycling Gu Ramekins

Is A Slow Cooker Worth It? 

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