Earth And Wheat Review

I recently tried an Earth and Wheat wonky bread box. This post takes a look at exactly what my box contained and whether I thought it was worth the money. Keep reading for my Earth and Wheat review.

How To Avoid Disasters In The Kitchen

This is a sponsored post Disasters in the kitchen are commonplace, from the very small – such as leaving the freezer open overnight – to the big and scary such as a chip pan fire. This post takes a look at everything you can do to avoid disasters in the kitchen which could save lives as well as save your […]

Is It Really Cheaper To Make Your Own Butter?

With the cost of living crisis getting worse and worse and everything going up in price, many people are looking to cut the cost of their weekly shopping as well as all their other bills. I’ve seen a lot of posts on TikTok recently talking about how it’s cheaper to make your own butter and wondered whether it was true. […]

How I Find Cheap Food Every Week

Saving money on the weekly shop is one of the biggest areas I like to save I love making very cheap meals to feed my family on a budget. I like spending less on shopping and bills to give us more money to spend on fun things such as days out. Here are my tips for finding cheap food every […]

47p Slow Cooker Beef Curry

This week we had a slow cooker beef curry which cost just 47p each with enough to feed our toddler too. While this post isn’t a recipe (I used a packet sauce and some sieved tomatoes!) it is a brilliant example of how you can use food from the reduced section, combined with offers from elsewhere – such as the […]

How To Bulk Meals Up On a Tight Budget

If you have a growing family and are worried about rising food costs here are some ideas to bulk meals up without breaking your budget. . .(and not a lentil in sight!) With food costs ever on the increase and even budget supermarkets like Aldi becoming more expensive it can seem like feeding a growing family can eat into more […]