20 FREE Center Parcs Activities (Longleat Edition!)

20 FREE Center Parcs Activities (Longleat Edition!)

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We love going to Center Parcs on holiday but the activities can be expensive and if you’re a big family the cost of these can soon add up.

I’ve put together a list of the best free things to do at Center Parcs Longleat.

It’s not cheap but if you can get away with going during term time, prices can be a little bit more palatable for a Center Parcs break.

The price of activities can soon add up though and while some are cheaper than others we usually pick one or two ‘must do’s’ (usually for me it’s an Aqua Sana Spa day) and then try and include as many activities as we can for free.

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Here Are My Top 20 FREE Center Parcs Activities

Which activities are free at Centre Parcs?

Below I’ve created a list of 20 things you can do for free at Center Parcs Longleat although many of them could be applied to the other Center Parcs locations around the U.K.

The main difference is that Longleat has a land train which none of the other Center Parcs has.

I’ve tried to include as many different age ranges as possible so there should be something for everyone.

Some involve a little prep beforehand and others involve bringing things most people would already have at home such as binoculars or a clipboard.

1. Feeding The Animals – Ducks, Squirrels, Deer etc

Make sure to take some bird feed rather than bread which is full of salt and other chemicals that aren’t good for birds. We also take plain peanuts for the squirrels.

Take a stick on bird feeder to place on your patio doors to encourage animals to come right up close.

On our last trip, three ducks liked to roost on our cabin roof every night. You can see them below with my younger brother – we nicknamed the three amigos!

We love going to Center Parcs on holiday but the activities can be expesnsive. Here are my top 20 things to do for free at Center Parcs Longleat Forest

2. Free Stuff To Do At Center Parcs – Play on The Beach

While the beach at Center Parcs Longleat is man-made, it’s still sandy and provides plenty of fun for adults and little ones alike, especially on a sunny afternoon.

Don’t forget to pack your bucket and spade!

3. Create A Nature Trail

Nature trails are great for kids and although Center Parcs Longleat does run its own these can be expensive.

Print off your own before you leave and all you need is a clipboard and pencil to get going. You could create your own – think about finding different plants, flowers and animal footprints.

Or download a ready-made one here.

4. Ride the Land Train

Not every Center Parcs has a land train so be sure to make the most of the one at Longleat when you visit especially if you don’t fancy walking up all those steep hills after a busy day!

If your children are mad on trains then just hopping on and doing a tour of the whole park could be a great way to spend an afternoon and is also a great way to see other parts of the park and sneak a look at all the other types of accommodation.

We found all the train drivers to be lovely and will often let children pose for a picture up front if you ask nicely.

We love going to Center Parcs on holiday but the activities can be expesnsive. Here are my top 20 20 FREE Center Parcs Longleat Activities

5. Find The Mini Zip Line

There is a small zip line located in one of the small parks located between the Jardin du Sport and the main walkway to The Village Square.

We stumbled across one evening while exploring and there was no one about so we spent a happy half an hour whizzing back and forwards!

(Note: This is part of a play park and NOT the huge zip line that runs over the lake!)

6. Go Night Swimming

Swimming in the day is fun – but swimming at night is even better, especially in the outdoor pool area.

The pool is all lit up and it’s lovely to see all the steam rising from the water.

The trees surrounding the pool are also covered in twinkling lights making for an extra magical experience. One of the best Center Parcs Longleat Activities in my opinion.

7. Create A Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the Nature Trail, this is another great idea for getting children outside and exploring nature.

Items to find could include feathers, acorns, certain shaped leaves, a rubbing of some tree bark and weed-like flowers that it’s okay to pick like daisies and buttercups.

Again you could either create your own before going or find one online to print out.

You can find a list of 30+ Scavenger hunt ideas here.

8. Visit the Redwoods

Center Parcs Longleat is home to some very old, very tall redwood trees. Redwood trees grow taller than any other trees in the world and can live for thousands of years.

They were introduced to the U.K in the 1850s but are still quite rare and quite a sight to behold.

9. Birdwatching

Another nature-based activity because there’s just so much wildlife at Longleat!

If your children own kids binoculars take them our bird watching to see what you can spot.

Encourage them to go quietly, put on your best David Attenborough voice and get searching. Even if you only spot ducks!

You can find a UK Bird Spotting List for kids here.

10. Play in the Parks

There are so many children’s parks at Longleat Center Parcs you may not have time to visit them all!

Some areas of accommodation have their play area as well as the huge park in the Village Square and those behind the Jardin du Sport.

If you decide to make it your mission to visit them all, the land train is a great way to get most of the way there.

We love going to Center Parcs on holiday but the activities can be expesnsive. Here are my top 20 20 FREE Center Parcs Longleat Activities

11. Movie Night

All accommodation at Center Parcs has a decent T.V and DVD player so planning movie night could be a great way to snuggle up and enjoy family time without being out in the parc spending money.

Dust off a few favourite DVDs before leaving and don’t forget to pack some popcorn (you could even pop your own if you want to be super thrifty!)

12. Take A Stroll Around The Lake

The Lake at Longleat is pretty big and an enjoyable time can be had simply wandering around it.

The far end is much less busy and a lot quieter so is a lovely place just take in the scenery.

It’s also fun to watch people zip-lining across the lake if you’re not brave enough to give it a go yourself!

13. Look for Koi In The Plaza

The plaza is the main hub of Center Parcs Longleat with shops, restaurants, the supermarket and of course the subtropical swimming paradise.

There are also ponds on the lower floor which are full of Koi Carp. These Ponds have various stone bridges to walk across and there is a seating area in the middle. See who can spot the biggest fish!

14. Hot Tub Time

While some accommodations at Center Parcs do include a Hot Tub, not every villa does.

Fear not, the Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise has two hot tubs.

One of them is outside, the other is inside and is slightly hidden due to its shape – unless you head to the children’s areas or look closely at a map, you might not even see it.

It’s to the left as you enter the water in the main pool.

15. Window Shopping

There are some lovely shops at Center Parcs although like everything else here they are not cheap.

If you can leave the kiddies elsewhere for an hour, then some quiet window shopping is a perfect way to get some me-time amid all the holiday hustle and bustle.

16. Ride the Rapids

Another of our favourite free Center Parcs Longleat Activities is riding the rapids.

The rapids are without a doubt the best part of the Sub Tropical Swimming Paradise.

While they do look a bit scary they are amazing fun and you’ll end up feeling like a big kid again by the time you get to the end!

17. Night Walk

I remember doing various night walks on camping trips with school.

You don’t need to go far to make it exciting for kids and the fact there’s no traffic should make it quite safe and easier to hear things.

Try listening for different animals that you only hear at night and see if you can spot any nocturnal creatures coming out to play. You could also try a spot of star gazing if it’s clear enough.

18. Family Photo Competition

Most kids these days have phones, tablets or even special kid-proof digital cameras.

Why have a mini family photo competition to see who can take the best snap?

There is so much wildlife around the park that it should be really easy to find things that will make interesting pictures.

Alternatively, you could turn it into a bit of a treasure hunt to take pictures of different things such as flowers, birds and trees.

19. Family Sports

While Center Parcs is very activity-focused, most activities aren’t cheap. Often there is a charge not only for the hire of the courts for playing sports but also for the equipment too.

Most families will have some sort of sporting equipment at home (football, badminton racquets etc) – you just need to remember to take it with you.

The beach and the green outside the Jardin du Sport are the perfect places to run about and let off some steam without costing you a penny.

Are you wanting to know when do Center Parcs reduce prices? I take a look at the best times of year to bag a cheaper Center Parcs break. 

Our favourite thing to do is to take our own Ping Pong set and have it set up on the dining room table – it cost £3 from Wilkos but we used it for four Center Parcs Holidays in a row.

20. Make The Most Of The Subtropical Swimming Paradise

Center Parcs have some of the best swimming pools in the UK and it’s something you should make the most of as it’s the best free activity on site.

I’ve already mentioned the rapids and hot tubs but there is so much more – from a toddler area perfect for even the newest swimmers to thrilling slides to keep the teenagers entertained.

We try to go every day during our break, including arrival and departure days!

Do you have any favourite Center Parcs Longleat Activities?

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